Let your passengers know what they need, when they need it.

Axion is the first manufacturer in the world to have developed, manufactured, and put on the market Light Emitting Diode (LED) electronic destination signs for mass transit. This avant-garde technology was developed in Quebec in 1994 and installed on mass transit buses of many large-scale Canadian cities.

Components of a typical destination sign system are normally found at the front, rear, and side of transit buses and display the vehicle's route in a neat and clear fashion. Moreover, the multiple-functionality of this technology offers a performance and reliability yet to be equalled on the market—all while contributing to minimizing the operating and maintenance costs of a mass transit fleets.


Bus components include:

  • Exterior facing sings for the front/side/rear/dash
  • Inside signs indicating next stops and other information to passengers
  • Operator control panel enabling the driver to view, modify, and select messages

Complementary subsystems available:

  • Digitized public address systems
  • Soundtracks that correspond to sign message
  • On route positioning
  • Automatic message selection (depending on bus location)
  • 911 emergency calling
  • Driver-operated outside emergency signal
  • WIFI database downloading

Our systems are available for shuttle, regional, long-distance, and charter buses as well as motorcoaches.