CCTV System

CCTV System

Our CCTV products are setting a new benchmark in permanent recording technology. They stand out due to their high-quality industrial-standard components, outstanding reliability, long life expectancy, low maintenance costs, high degree of flexibility, and an unsurpassed level of security. As a result of these outstanding features, our products will lower your operational costs and extend the lifetime of your investment.


The system's main features are:

  • Fully features “X-View” fleet management software
  • Mpeg4 programmable data compression
  • Critical event detect & record
  • Object left behind detection (optional)
  • Face recognition (optional)
  • Passenger counting (optional)
  • Analog or digital camera (optional)
  • Standard video output (optional memory size & LCD screen)
  • Data transfer
  • SD card

Other options also available.