Infotainment System

Infotainment System

Impress passengers with your communications skills. We provide the solutions you need to communicate with passengers on an entirely new level.

Our multimedia displays are based on bright high-resolution TFT panels, which bring a new standard in display quality and functionality to on-board passenger information. They also offer significant potential for generating revenue through advertising.


The system's main features are:

  • Supports textual, graphical route maps and multimedia information
  • Can be stand-alone or part of the Automatic Announcement System
  • Easily displays material generated using off-the-shelf media creation packages
  • GPS or manually triggered messages
  • Multiple database update capabilities
    • Wired (Ethernet, RS232, RS485)
    • Wireless (Wi-Fi, Cellular)
    • Manual (USB)
  • Robust power supply designed to protect against spikes and surges
  • 12 or 24v Vdc supply available
  • Operating temperature range of -25°C to 40°C (-13°F to 104°F)